Saturday, February 28, 2009

Video of Clinic Expansion Plans

Here is a video for the architect who traveled with this years' group from Lexington, MA, Paul Lukez (

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A visit from a group from Lexington, MA

For the eleventh time in the past 12 years, Parishioners from Sacred Heart (and often also St. Brigid) Parishes of Lexington, Massachusetts journeyed to Honduras for a week to support a Catholic mission there. It was the sixth year in a row that the visit was to the Dominican Sisters’ and Diocese of Fall River’s Honduran Mission in Guaimaca.

The Diocese of Fall River, MA which provides a diocesan priest to staff ththis parish-based mission and the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, whose Mother House in the United States is in Dighton, MA staffs the mission with four sisters. Our primary contact for our work is Srs. Maria Ceballos, and Marta Inez, OP and parish support in particular from Corpus Christi Parish in Sandwich MA and Mount Carmel Parish in Seekonk MA. Groups also visit from Stonehill College, UMass Dartmouth.

This year we had 16 in our group (6 returnees), which included 6 teenagers (2 returnees). Our work included:

  • Capital fund-raising for out trip which provided over $7000 to take with us and we expect another increment of residual contributions after we return,
  • The outfitting of 62 high school students with sneakers, all donated --- the girls are from outlying villages without high schools housed by the mission at their new facility, the Centro Marie Pousspin, the mission school,
  • Engaged directly with the girls at the school making jewelry-making, sewing, and running a movie night using our donation of a new TV for the school.
  • Transport and delivery of $15,000 of medical supplies from local contributions and at-cost meds from Bird’s Hill Pharmacy in Needham
  • 4 days with clinical work targeting respiratory patients,
  • A day of medical home visits, and a clinic in the mountains
  • Architectural design for an expansion of the mission clinic building
  • Conceptual architectural design for a new church and a retreat center at the mission farm
  • 5 days of plumbing repair and maintenance at mission facilities
  • Research and discovery of a discount pharmaceutical warehouse in Tegucigalpa
  • Regular evening soccer games participated in by 4 of our group with local youth
  • We helped set up this blog to make communications very easy

We celebrated the 5 graduated from the mission school this year, all of whim went on to higher education!

Monday, February 23, 2009

First Blog Entry

This blog is created to assist with communication for the mission. It will contain information and needs for the mission school, clinic. farm, and parish.

Here is a picture of entry to the magnificent chapel at the mission school: