Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Stained glass window
of the Presentation

This feast of Presentation 2012 has been a special one for us in Guaimaca, because of a couple of events: a Vocation Retreat on November 16th and 17th, when six young women listened in silence to God's call to each one of them:  What does God want from me?...the model of their listening was Mary, presented by her parents in the Temple. 
Sharing their reflections
God calling each one by name

In adoration

Praying together
Continuing the reflection

Hoping for continuity

Some of these women have had a long journey of discernment 
and are at the point of making a decision...
Please keep them in your prayers....

The other event was the first group 
of Lay Associates making their commitment on  November


as we renewed our vows. 

The nine women and men had been preparing for a couple of years and were ready to make their promise as 

Associates of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation.

 Now we are thirteen, between  Sisters and Associates, trying to live and incarnate the Charism of Marie Poussepin in Honduras.

They felt united to the rest of the Congregation, especially those in the USA, and to the sisters they have known when they have come to Guaimaca.
Fr. Jonathan blesses the Associate's pins.
Fr. George also concelebrated the Eucharist.

Each one of the Associates is already part of the mission of the Congregation in the parish and is planning on strengthening this commitment as Associate of the Congregation.  

It is a joy for us to see some of them participating as couples and several of them finding ways of strengthening Vocation Ministry not only in Guaimaca but also in other areas of the country. 

May this new beginning help the Charism of Marie Poussepin 
to take root in Honduras with strong vocations 
to continue what has been started during the past eleven years!