Monday, July 7, 2014


These past three months have been very intense and full of experiences in our community and mission.  The fact that we are in two diffeent cities and in two parishes has given us the oppportunity to respond to different needs and challenges.

The main one is the formation of Andrea, our postulant.  We have been very fortunate to have had Sr. Marina Mejía with us, mainly in Tegucigalpa for six weeks.  Certainly Andrea has benefitted from Sr. Marina's insights and depth.  However, we as a community have also profitted from her presence. 
Two of us had Sr. Marina directing our annual retreat.
Also, we will never forget the day of prayer she facilitated for all of us with the theme of the Eucharist, which is so much in her heart and an integral part of her life.
These months in Tegucigalpa have been a time to get to know the people and insert ourselves in the parish,  "El Divino Niño", especially in "Las Casitas", a poor village close to where we live.

Andrea has been able to minister to the children and youth, and Sr. Deysi has been meeting with different parish groups and giving formation to the catechists.
In Guaimaca, we continue our ministry to the young women at the Marie Poussepin Center and accompany them in the different aspects of their comprehensive formation. 
The Clinic has been welcoming different brigades from the USA that generously help us to respond to the basic healthcare and dental needs of the people.

The dry season has been a challenge at the farm, but thanks to the irrigation system we have been able to produce peppers, tomatoes, kidney beans, tapioca and corn. 

We look forward to a good crop of peppers and tomatoes in a few months.


All these activities are possible thanks to the generous support of many benefactors. 
It is a joy for us to see our farm workers, tutors and helpers at the clinic,
owning the mission and collaborating in making it a reality that benefits others.

Monday, April 7, 2014


The following pictures depict what we have been living in Honduras

during these first months of 2014:

Groups coming from Massachusetts
and from North Carolina


A good occasion to be all together

Fr. Craig Pregana came back with the group
he originally came  to visit several years ago.

We also celebrated Sr. María's birthday
Pam and Lydia with Mariboni, a CMP alumni
who will graduate this year from the University.

Los "Cuatro Amigos" en La Nava

Friends from Lexington

Students from the US helping
students from the CMP

Making sure there is enough irrigation in the macro tunnels

Suyapa, the mother of some of our graduates gets her primary education certificate...
She was taught by her daughters.

Sr. Vimala Vadakumpadan,
our Vice Provincial Superior
and her councilors:
Sr. Mónica Teresa García and
Sr. Marta Inés Toro,
have their meeting in Guaimaca.

Andrea López, our first Honduran postulant,
as she asks to initiate her formation.

An occasion to celebrate together!

Sr. Vimala Vadakumpadan and Sr. María Ceballos
rejoice with our first postulant
The Honduran Community now has eight members in two houses:
four in Guaimaca and three in Tegucigalpa with our postulant!