Sunday, July 28, 2013


July 7, 2013 has made history in the life of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation mission and also in the life of St. Rose of Lima Parish in Guaimaca.  It was a joyous parish celebration with the participation of many parishioners, family and friends of  Sr. Rosa Gloribel Mendoza who made her Perpetual Profession.  The main celebrant was Fr. Carlos Antonio Cáceres O.P, the Provincial of the Dominican Fathers in Central America.  

The celebration was marked by the presence of 13 sisters. It was really a wonderful gathering and joyful witness and presence of our Congregation: Sr. Vimala Vadakumpadan, our major superior, Sr. Marina Mejía who accompanied Sr. Gloribel in her preparation and Sr. Anne Marie Legendre and Sr. Sabitha Anthoniamma came from the United States.  Sr. Lilia Alcira Vacca, the Provincial of the Province of Guadalupe and the three sisters of the community in El Salvador, sisters Esther Amaya, Dora Alicia Muñoz and Rufina Gómez and the other four members of our community in Guaimaca: Sisters María Ceballos, Marta Inés Toro, Teresa María Abello and Olga Iris Diaz.


Sr. Gloribel’s mother was unable to come but her sister Olga Lidia Mendoza came for this memorable event. Five members of a Dominican parish group of prayer and reflection of which Sr. Gloribel was a member for eight years before entering the Congregation and four other friends from El Salvador joined her memorable day. 

Sr. Gloribel's friends both from Tegucigalpa and from Guaimaca were present at the celebration. They had never experienced something like this before and they were very happy to witness the religious profession. Tutors and volunteers were also present. For the youth of the parish and for the women who have been in a process of vocational discernment it was truely an opportunity to confront their lives. Some were deeply moved.  May they continued being open to the Lord's call in thier lives. 

For us in the community, it is a joy to continue our community life and mission with Sr. Gloribel. May we together share Christ with others!

You can find more pictures of this joyous event in the gallery of our webpage: