Wednesday, April 17, 2013


These past weeks have been filled with emotion at St. Rose of Lima Clinic as  the staff tries to respond to the needs of Heydi Julissa, a young girl who came to the clinic with her father. Heydi Julissa had been sick and with a distended stomack for several years.  The family had not taken any steps to access healthcare for her. As she was examined by Jenny Jordan, our Medical Mission Board volunteer, she could see that she was suffering a serious condition and needed to be sent to the Hospital.

She presented the case to Sr. María Ceballos, who confirmed the seriousness of her condition.  Both Sr. María and Sr. Olga Diaz, in coversations with the father, realized Heydi had not been baptized. Given the seriousness of her condition, the possibility of being baptized was presented to both Heydi Julissa and her father and both agreed to it.  

It was providential that Fr. Jonathan, the pastor, was available and as soon as he was contacted he came to the clinic. So, what started as a normal consult, became the opportunity for this child to be baptized and both Jenny and Sr. Olga, became involved in a very personal way:  Sr. Olga as the sponsor and Jenny as a witness.  This was a priviledge moment for both of them, as well as for the rest of the clinic staff.  For Jenny, a very committed Christian in the Presbiterial Church, was certainly a moment of faith celebration.


 Heydi Yulisa has been to the Hospital in Tegucigalpa several times, and is still waiting for the appropriate diagnosistic testing, including a biopsy. This shows the poor healthcare service in Honduras, especially for those who do not have any financial means. 

In one of the times she was sent back to Guaimaca, both Jenny and Sr. Olga went to visit her at home.  We can see some of the pictures of this emotional and happy visit.

These encounters and the baptism have had a great impact in all those involved. We are still hoping for good healthcare for Heydi Julissa and hopefully the improvement of her health condition!