Saturday, May 18, 2013


Our long term volunteers live at a house donated by Dan Redgate, a Stonehill Graduate, who for several years lived in Guaimaca some months at  a time.

 Dan helped out in a variety of ways:  tutoring, sorting out medications, being a eucharistic minister, visiting the sick with Sr. Lucía, joining the efforts of other friends volunteering at the moment.
 This  is the third year that we have the Stonehill Extension Program in Honduras. They are graduates from Stonehill College volunteering for eleven months at the CMP.  Helen Rodríguez and Alicia Talty's experience is enhanced by the fact that they are sharing their life and mission with Jenny Jordan, a Catholic Medical Mission Board volunteering at the clinic.
For us, the Sisters, it is a joy to have these young women giving their time, energy and talents to help us bring "the knowlege of Jesus Christ and his mysteries" to the poor we are trying to serve. It is certainly a tremendous support for us in our different ministries.

They work with the local tutors not only with the academic subjects, but also with different activities to provide a comprehensive formation to our students.
Students receiving healthcare from Jenny

A good picture of our tutors

Helen and Alicia visiting a home of one of the students

Doing yoga together

Our volunteers are a good role model for our students. They enjoy being and working with the local tutors.

The weekend of April 12-14 was a special one for our mission: Father Mark Cregan, took time from his busy schedule as President of Stonehill College, to visit our Stonehill Volunteers. He spend time visiting with them and with Jenny Jordan. 

  As it can be seeing through the pictures, this was a unique experience. Fr. Mark is an excellent cook! He teamed up with Alicia, Jenny and Helen and prepared a delicious brunch for the volunteers and for us: Sisters María, Marta Inés, Olga and Teresa María.

Father Mark spent quality time with each one of the volunteers and also took them out to eat at a restaurant in the nearby state of Olancho. They truely experienced much support from him!

On Saturday evening we had the celebration of the Eucharist. Our Lay Associates participated with us. It was a special paschal liturgy.

Now we keep Fr. Mark in our prayers as he went back to his last months at Stonehill College. We will always be thankful to him for the great support he has given to our mission in Guaimaca and for making it possible to have the Stonehill Extension Program volunteers at the Marie Poussepin Center.
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