Saturday, August 4, 2012


Poster and display prepared by children from the Guaimaca Rehabilitation Center
Lempira Day is a big holiday in Honduras. Lempira was a indigenous leader who led a popular uprising against Spanish colonial forces in the 16th century. Although he was ultimately unsuccessful, he is honored today in schools and parades. Most schools are in sessions at this time of the year, as the "summer vacation" is usually taken in December and January, which is the coffee picking season.  To celebrate Lempira Day, children dress up as natives, and schools and communities often hold festivals in his honor.  
Chief Lempira is also honored on the national currency. The name of all the currency is called the lempira, and his picture is on the one lempira note, which is worth about a nickel.

At the Marie Poussepin Center we celebrated on the very day just before the students went home for the weekend. Usually there is a contest to elect “La India Bonita”.  All the students of a class work on making the dress.  They are to use natural items, such as corn, bark, beans, etc.


This year, the different grades researched various Indian groups and prepared the whole presentation on that ethnic group.


There were dances, displays and of course the typical foods.


Since the junior group volunteers each week to work with special children,
they were invited to participate.
They also dressed up as Indians and some of them performed.



The judges needed to decide on one candidate to be La India Bonita del CMP 2012. The judges unanimously decided that one of the first year students was the most natural one.  The one from the year 2011, now a student at the National University of Agriculture, was present for the occassion because she had a weekend off from school.  So, she was able to give the band to her successor. 



It was a very enriching process and day for the students,
the tutors and their guests!