Monday, March 26, 2012


The projects of the Dominican Sisters in Guaimaca exist thanks to the collaboration of many people and groups from different parts of the USA.  For over ten years, generous people, young an older, have been coming to Guaimaca to make possible different ways of responding to the needs of the poor.  Through their time, talent, work and financial help they make it possible for us to incarnate the charism of Our Foundress, Marie Poussepin, in the education, health care and human promotion through work of the poor of Guaimaca and its villages.

Two other groups that have been very faithful year after year, are the one's from Lexington, from two parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston, and the "Hope Group" from Stonehill College. Here are a few pictures of some of their activities during the time they were in Guaimaca.

Sr. Marta Inés Toro with Larry Maloney, Frank Bellini and Tom Lukez, from Lexington, viewing the possible projects for the week at Nazareth Farm..

Larry gets to work!  An irrigation system for the noni and vegetable beds.

Also, a place to wash the produce baskets and to refresh from a day's work!

Larry also works at the other project...a roof on the compost shed.

The shed really needs a better roof!              Varena gets to work......
        One that doesn't leak....             
                                                                                It helps to be tall!

It is important to measure well.

by the end of the week...

Completed new roof!

The "Hope Group" from Stonehill was very involved in different activities at the parish and at the clinic.  At the Marie Poussepin Center they spent time with the students and with Chrisitna, Alex and Mattthew, the three Extension Volunteers, in different activities.  Some of the members of the group painted the values of the CMP on the walls to replace the ones painted by a previous Hope Group a few years ago.