Saturday, February 9, 2013


It is the joined effort that makes possible 
any of our missions here in Guaimaca. 
This is a very concrete reality at the Farm, 
where we have: 
    Professional people, like Joel Espinoza, a young agronomist engineer, a graduate from Zamorano University, and Manuel Martínez, his assistant, who is also a Lay Associate of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation.

  • We also have many young workers in different capacities, many of whom have been able to complete their studies while working with us.

  • The Marie Poussepin students who go every week during the school year to learn and to contribute with their work.

  • There are also many volunteers who come during the year with different groups to Guaimaca and who spend their days at the farm helping in different capacities.
Every year we have some time of celebration with the regular workers around the Christmas holidays, ususally at the beginning of the year, close to the feast of the Epiphany.    
This year, the four sisters went to the farm on January 3rd to thank them for their work and dedication.

We brought some "nacatamales" the typical food to celebrate during Christmas time, coffee prepared with coffee beans cultivated and harvested at the farm. 

We also gave them 
some backpacks 
as a small gift 
to each one of them.


Of course, we also had some time of prayer and song, animated by a couple of guitarists
and all of them singing.
 This year the celebration had a special meaning because we were very thankful to them and to the Lord 
for a good end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 with good and abundant crops. 

May this be a sign of a fruitful 2013!