Saturday, February 18, 2012


February 2012 has been the start of a new school year
at the Marie Poussepin Center for Comprehensive Formation. 

Sr. Teresa María Abelló finalizing
registration of a new student
Sr. Olga Iris Diaz welcoming
returning students

During ten months the 64 young women from 24 villages of Guaimaca will come from Monday through Friday to the CMP, where they not only receive the academic formation corresponding to Junior and Senior High School, but also formation in Catholic values, responsibility, honesty, respect and several  technical courses to help them develop their gifts.

The first week at the CMP meant getting an orientation
to the new school year

Welcoming new students

Receiving the uniforms

Special cleaning of the hair


Families bringing their daughters


Mother with three daughters at the CMP 

The younger ones were received with a night of celebration
by the ones who now are in the second year.

Thank you to all the tutors, volunteers and benefactors that are making possible
this school year at the Marie Poussepin Center!

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